PP - Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards

photo basel is excited to host the 2017 PP – Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards in June 2018 during the fair. The exhibition includes the 35 shortlisted books from the categories PhotoBook of the year, First Photobook and Catalogue of the Year.

Initiated in 2012, the PP-Aperture Foundation PhotoBook awards celebrate the photobook’s contribution to the evolving narrative of photography.

Now in its sixth year, the exhibition of the books selected for the PhotoBook Awards offers a remarkable snapshot of the state of photobook publishing. The Shortlist is drawn from over one thousand books that have been submitted from around the world. The selection criteria consider the quality of the photographs, the sequencing of work, the relevance and timeliness of the book’s contents, and its characteristics as an object, including its graphic design, editorial structure, and the quality of its fabrication. The resulting Shortlist exhibition showcases and makes evident the highly sophisticated nature of photobook production today, in which there is a tremendous plurality of styles—from the most baroque to the extremely minimalist. Most critically, it emphasizes the primary role of the photobook as part of contemporary photographic process.



Bilan positif également pour Photo Basel, qui après seulement trois rendez-vous affiche un beau succès pour ses trente-quatre exposants.
— La Gazette Drouot