a fair is a all about synergies. photo basel is grateful to have sponsors, suppliers and stakeholders that make our fair possible. They are as devoted and passionate about their products and services as we are about photo basel.



VIP shuttle

photo basel's official vip fleet is proudly sponsored by Emil Frey - Switzerland's general importer of Jaguar, Range Rover and also Bentley.


ALPA is one of the rare manufacturers of cameras in Switzerland and an outstanding manufacturer of high-end imaging instruments in the global market. ALPA cameras are precision tools, made with passion and skilled craftsmanship for a small group of connoisseurs. 

Much like musical instruments, these tools require the expertise and the careful eye of a master. ALPA photographers do not require automatic functions or a constant stream of new models. We simply provide the same that all good manufacturers of tools and instruments do – we provide the best possible quality in design, material and an open ear to all the wishes of our customers.


Since 1988, photograph magazine is dedicated to photo-based art, offering thoughtful coverage of exhibitions, ideas, people, books, events, and resources.



since 2001, is your premier resource provider for art market analysis and artist ranking



Sempex's claim "Swiss Fair Experts" sums it up, a first class partner that delivers


Kooness is an online platform that allows you to gatecrash the fine art gallery world by providing a virtual access to galleries all over the world.



Get your tickets - and with starticket's print at home solution there are no excuses and no more reasons to wait in line!


Moriarty is the ultimate Swiss luxury magazine dedicated to arts and culture


One of Switzerland's finest cultural resource guides for the arts - now also online porta


check out the world's first and thus far only Chinese-English magazine for photography


tribe photography magazine is not only the arab world's only photo mag - but also an avid promotor of talent from the middle east


Intelligent, beautiful and informative, Aesthetica is one of the leading publications for art, design and photography.


one of the world leaders in art market information


your Urban & Contemporary Art Resource

If you have great art works hanging at the fair, no one is looking at the walls...BUT those walls you can truly have a look at. We are excited to work with the team of art fairs service because they run their business as we are - as a family business.


near. was founded in Lausanne in 2009 and its principal aim is to promote contemporary photography. The association organises activities set around four main objectives: to promote and disseminate the work of Swiss and Swiss-based photographers for established talent as well as young artists.