We are pleased to introduce tape/basel, a new sector of photo basel devoted entirely to the moving image. This first edition of tape/basel features recent international works programmed by photo basel Director Sven Eisenhut and freelance Canadian and Swiss Basel-based Curator Chantal Molleur.

tape/basel is also inviting for this preview launch edition, a special guest, Basel gallery balzer projects. tape/basel featured artists are Mika Taanila(FIN), Kerstin Honeit(GER), Olivier Cheval (FR), Almond Chu (CN), Yvon Chabrowski (GER), Chou Ching-hui (CN), Stacey Steers (USA), Nemanja Nikolic (RS) and Deborah Oropallo (USA). These artists are concerned with issues related to performance, archival and found footage, 3D animation, animated collage and animated photo-montage. We are delighted to partner with photo basel exhibiting galleries for tape/basel: Grundermark/Nilsson Gallery Berlin & Stockholm (Germany, Sweden), La Galerie Paris 1839 (Hong Kong), Catharine Clark Gallery (USA) and Galerie Dix9 (France) bringing together photo/basel viewing experience towards the moving image.

Visitors will find tape/basel in the fair's main hall on the balcony overlooking the fair.

Bilan positif également pour Photo Basel, qui après seulement trois rendez-vous affiche un beau succès pour ses trente-quatre exposants.“
~La Gazette Drouot~