photo basel 2019 conversations program

photo basel's conversations will all take place at Volkshaus / photo basel main entrance - 1st floor (Unionsaal Foyer) and are entirely free to the public thanks to the generous support of art/days/basel
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Wednesday, June 12th

Artists Reine Paradis (FR) and Carl Lindström (US) in conversation
(European Movie Premiere of “Queen of Paradis” at 20h30 @ kult.kino)

Friday, June 14th

Artists Christopher Thomas(DE) and Kostas Maros(CH) in conversation
followed by a book signing of Christopher Thomas at Ira Stehmann Fine Arts Booth A1

Saturday, June 15th

Artist Simone Hoang (NL) in conversation


past conversations held at previous editions of photo basel

photo basel 2018 conversations program

Wednesday, June 13th
19h30 at kult.kino kamera (next to Volkshaus)
Shadow Thieves

Following the screening of Shadow Thieves at kult.kino camera, the following cast will be present at the panel:

Felix v. Muralt (Director)
Paul Riniker (Producer)
Thomas Kern (Cast & Photographer)
Maurice Weiss (Cast & Photographer)
Hans Peter Riegel (Photographer & Author)
Koni Nordmann (Photographer & Publisher)


Thursday, June 14th
16h30 at photo basel (Volkshaus - Bar no.1)
Thomas Dworzak President of Magnum (represented by °CLAIRbyKahn Gallery)


Friday, June 15th
16h30 at photo basel (Volkshaus - Bar no.1)
Women in the art industry - a panel with Sarah Girard (Directrice of the Festival of Photography Biel/Bienne), Judith Peyrat (Directrice Baudoin Lebon Gallery, Paris) and Ayana V. Jackson (Artist)

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