the fair. 

A fair in the economic sense is a temporary, recurring marketing event, but we see the sale as only one part of the entire project and the following sections outline our intent for the accompanying strands of the fair concept.

At photo basel, galleries will exhibit artists from all ages and eras as long as their artwork contains a significant/majority amount of photography.

USPs of photo basel.

• an art fair solely dedicated for photography – the first  in Switzerland, the only one in the German speaking world
• the only pure photography art fair parallel to Art Basel
• already three photo basel fairs in June 2015, 2016 and 2017 that were highly successful in terms of sales, attracting collectors, visitors and connecting people
• a family-like driven organisation with personal and direct  contacts

To enrich and broaden photo basel’s content, we will provide a program about and for photography contents with the aim to bring photography closer to the audience, to the public as well as collectors. 


photo basel offers unique synergies both for collectors and galleries to profit from dozens of world class art fairs and tens of thousands of visitors when Basel becomes the capital of the art world for a week, annually in June since 1970. 

Benjamin Füglister, Artistic Director, CAP Prize and Images Afrique & Member of the editorial network of European Photography, Berlin